Creative Expression Activities

The following activities can be used to help increase the Development of artistic expression, encourage music and movement, and use drama to express children's individuality in Pre-K students. of Pre-K students.

Art Role

  • Give your child markers or crayons and a variety of surfaces to draw on - newspaper, waxed paper, foil, pages from an old phone book, cardboard, or Styrofoam.
  • Make some homemade paint from food coloring and water, or food color and liquid starch. Or add water to backyard soil for a wonderful "mud paint."
  • Visit a museum or art gallery and talk to your child about what they see. Explain what an artist is. Let your child become an artist when you return home.


  • Put some shaving cream on a tray and finger paint to music.
  • Help you child learn about different kinds of music. Find the jazz station on the radio & listen together for awhile. Talk about sounds of the instruments & how the music makes you feel. Then try a different station with a different style.
  • Roll a section of newspaper tightly and tape it together in several places to form a stick. Cut it half to make a pair. Turn on some lively music and encourage your child to play his/her drumsticks on a variety of surfaces around the house - the kitchen table, the back of the sofa, on his/her own knees. What makes the best drum?
  • Sing songs together. Sing in the car, at home, or outside. Recall some songs from your own childhood.

Dramatic Play

  • Fill a cardboard box with old scarfs, hats, purses, and other dress up props. Invite your child to dress up and act out a favorite slogan, song, or jingle.
  • Practice making faces together in front of a mirror. Who can make the scariest face? Most Surprised? Etc.
  • Use your hand or object to pretend it is a phone. Carry on a pretend phone conversation with your child.