Clip Me A shoe box to house the materials. This can be plastic or a regular shoe box you would get from Wal-Mart, Payless, or any other shoe store. Contents of the of the shoe box: clothes pins (number can vary), a container that has edges (this may vary as well) All the materials must fit inside the shoe box.

Clip Me

This activity is for Fine Motor Skills. It works on the child's pincher grip as well as building dexterity.

  • The child removes the bin from the shoe box.
  • Clips the clothes pins on the sides of the container.
  • Once all the clothes pins are placed on the outside of container then the child unclips the clothes pins; placing them inside the container.
  • Then place the container inside the shoe box.
Activity is complete, cleaned up, and ready for the next time.

Variation of activity: You can have the child complete the first half of the task. Clipping the clothes pins on the container then placing the container back in the shoe box for you to check later to see if the child completed the activity correctly.

Another variation of activity: You clip all the clothes pins on the outside of the container and then have the child remove them, placing them inside the container, then placing the container inside the shoe box for you check later


Tags: Activity, Fine Motor