Fall of Sorts A shoe box to house the materials. This can be plastic or a regular shoe box you would get from Wal-Mart, Payless, or any other shoe store. Contents of the of the shoe box: shapes with fall foam stickers. All the materials must fit inside the shoe box.

Fall of Sorts

This activities focuses on a variety of skills: sorting and visual discrimination

  • The child randomly picks a a shape from the shoe box
  • Places it on the floor, table, or desk
  • Randomly picks another shape and places it either with the one already placed on the floor, table, or desk.
  • If the shape does not match what is already there place in another area within close proximity
  • Continue until all the shapes have been sorted.
You will need to check their work when they have completed the task before they place everything back in the shoe box.

Variation to the activity: The child can sort the shapes by color instead of by shape.


Tags: Activity, Math, Shapes, Sorting