Find the Cookies A shoe box to house the materials. This can be plastic or a regular shoe box you would get from Wal-Mart, Payless, or any other shoe store. Contents of the of the shoe box: cookies cut out of brown construction paper with dots on them (representing chocolate chips or M&M's if you choose to use colored dots), paper plates with a number on it (one number per plate can vary 1-10, 1-20). Bingo chips. Laminate all materials you are able to in order to get longer life out of them.

Find the Cookies

This activities focuses on a variety of skills: one-to-one correspondence, counting, number identification and, fine motor

  • Hide the paper cookies around the classroom (or house) not hiding them too well.
  • Place the paper plates on a table or on the floor.
  • Have the child(ren) find the cookies placing the cookie on the correct plate with the correct number corresponding with the number of chips or M&M's the cookie has.

Variation to the activity:On each plate the student can count our the correct number of bingo chips on each plate then go and find the cookie with the corresponding number of chips or M&M's


Tags: Activity, Counting, Math, Numbers