Ladybug Numbers A shoe box to house the materials. This can be plastic or a regular shoe box you would get from Wal-Mart, Payless, or any other shoe store. Contents of the of the shoe box: a picture of a ladybug with a variety of spots (number can vary 1-10, 1-20) glued onto the top of the clothes pins (one ladybug picture per clothes pin), corresponding numbers 1- 10, 1-20 (individually cut). All the materials must fit inside the shoe box. Laminate all materials you are able to in order to get longer life out of them.

Ladybug Numbers

This activities focuses on a variety of skills: one-to-one correspondence, counting, number identification, and fine motor

  • The child randomly picks a ladybug
  • Counts the number of spots on its back
  • Finds the correct corresponding number to the number of spots on the ladybug attaches the number to the ladybug using the clothes pin
  • The child continues until all the ladybugs have the correct corresponding numbers clipped to them
  • The child then places all the ladybugs back into the shoe box.
Allowing for you to check their work at a later time.

Variation to the activity: As the child is unclipping the correct corresponding number from the ladybug have them tell you the number (number identification) as they are putting them back in the shoe box. Activity has been completed, cleaned up, and ready for the next time.


Tags: Activity, Counting, Fine Motor, Math, Numbers