Social Development Activities

The following activities can be used to help increase the social development of Pre-K students.

Confidence and positive self-awareness

  • Make an "I Can" can with your child. Cover a clean can with paper and decorate it. Each week, write a new skill on a strip of paper ("I can hop on one foot," I can feed the dog," etc.) and place it in the can.
  • Look through photos with your child often. Point out how she has grown and changed over time.

Curiosity, initiative, self-direction, and persistence

  • Allow for independent "time alone." Talk with your child after about what they did.
  • Give your child some choices throughout the day. "Should we get our the LEGOS or the play dough now?" "Would you like noodle soup or tomato soup for lunch?"


  • Remind you child that every place has its own rules. Practice being quiet in the library and waiting at the bank or store.
  • Take turns speaking or listening. During dinner let each person take a turn "in the spotlight" to share something about the day.

Interpersonal & social skills for relating with other members of the learning community

  • When reading, talk about how the book characters feel. Point our their facial expressions, actions, and words. Say "Show me how you look when your're disappointed," or "How do people look if they're excited?"
  • TALK to your child! Ask them questions about their day and encourage them to use complete sentences rather than single words or short phrases.
  • Remind your child to use their manners. Saying thank you, please, and excuse me will take them far!
  • Encourage table manners too! Discuss why they are important. (And encourage trying new foods too!)
  • HAVE fun! Show them how interested you are in their school work and how proud you are when they do their best.
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