Classroom Environment

Balancing Learning & Fun
The classroom offers many passive and active means to expose, enhance, and reinforce the learning process: colors, shapes, letters, etc.

Motor Skills

Fine & Gross
Developing both fine and gross motor skills are some of the first steps to the child appreciating their abilities and interests.


Student or teacher directed
Learning centers allow students the freedom to express themselves and to discover new worlds exploring via books, music, technology, art, and other venues.

Technology Integration

Exposing students to technology
Using Think Pads, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, iPhones, and iPads to expose students to a variety of technologies and ways to navigate them using them as a part of the learning process.

Pre-Kindergarten resources for teachers, and parents of Pre-K students is loaded with ideas and resources to help your child prepare for what they will be exposed to in Pre-K.